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   iMiser Research Assistant Screen Shots

                                               iMiser Research Assistant
                          Screen Shots

(taken with Windows XP® and Windows 7®)

         This is the main iMiser screen. Note the different ways more
than one saved Web page or document can be viewed at the
         same time.


        This shows some of the wide variety of screen colors that can be
to customize iMiser. The application color and the background  
        color of the Document Window can also be modified.



       A view of the iMiser browser in action, showing four online browsers
       open at the same time.   The user is  reading  product  reviews and is
       comparison shopping.  Any or all of the pages can be saved and then
       organized with just a few mouse clicks.



         The iMiser Import Wizard in action,  which lets you customize your
         saved Web page or document.  Note the checkbox near the bottom
         that allows you to automatically add this record to iMiser Favorites.



         The Keyword List Search Tool.   Up to three keywords/phrases can 
         be chosen for a search. Keywords are selected from a drop-down box.
         Note that a search can be made within a given date range. 



         The Full-Text Search ToolThis does a full-text search of each saved
         Web page or document. Up to four words or phrases can be used in a



   This is a sample view of Favorites.  A document can be quickly added
   to Favorites with a single click of the Add button (Plus sign) on the top.
   A new folder can be made by clicking the New Folder button. Unlimited
   levels of Favorites folders can be  created, whereas many programs of
   this kind only allow one or two levels.



  This is the New Favorites Folder Box. It lets you precisely and
  easily add a new  iMiser Favorites  folder  by typing in a name
  and selecting a location for the new folder.



          This is the iMiser Preferences Dialog Box, showing all eight
          preference categories  The numerous preferences allow you
          to customize iMiser's appearance as well as its behavior.                               




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iMiser ® is a Registered Trademark of AdviceSoft LLC.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners
          Screen Shots
          - Main screen
          - Screen colors
          - iMiser Browser
          - Import wizard
          - Search tools
          - iMiser Favorites
          - New folder 
          - Preferences

      Use Any Browser
    Use with Microsoft®
    Internet  Explorer®,
    Mozilla®  Firefox®,
® Chrome®,
®, Netscape®,
®, and the AOL®
    and many other Web

       Version 3.3 is
       compatible  with
       almost all modern
       Web browsers.

       Save the Web
     Save and organize
     Web pages,  blogs,
selected Web
     page  text,  images,
     RSS  feeds,  news-
     group  messages,
     discussion forums,
     and much more.