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   Our Services

             AdviceSoft LLC   

  Custom Software Solutions for

         Government Entities
              Schools and Universities
                  Institutions and Organizations
                      Home Offices and Individuals

at Competitive Pricing
   AdviceSoft, with headquarters in New York City,  does custom
  software development in Microsoft® Visual Basic®.  We develop
  custom Windows® software and Web applications,  and we
  specialize in database programming with Microsoft® Access
   and SQL Server®.

bulletCustomized versions of iMiser Research Assistant for
your organization

  Imagine the power, flexibility, and versatility of iMiser customized
  to meet your unique business or organizational needs

bullet Windows Applications

   Desktop applications that are one-of-a-kind.  Whatever you can dream up,
   we'll create for you to your exact specifications.

bulletDatabase Applications

   Desktop databases,  networked databases,  high-end  Web databases. 
   From simple to complex, we haven't turned down a database project yet !

bulletAutomation of Repetitive Tasks

   Increase your productivity and efficiencyReplace hours of tedious typing,
   correcting spelling mistakes,  data entry,  and decision-making with a few
   mouse clicks

bulletWeb Applications

   Web applications  include the ability to interact with a visitor by  letting them
   search for data, chatting (including proactive chatting) with a visitor to make
   a sale or to answer questions,  shopping carts, discussion forums, survey-
   taking, and a wide variety of other interactive functionality.

bulletWeb Design

    Simple or sophisticated Web site design to your specifications, as well as
    enhancing  and  expanding an existing  Web site that needs improvement.
    Copy-editing sites for spelling, usage, and grammatical  mistakes. Artistic
    effects,  including  eye-catching  images,  Flash® files,  Java applets,  and
    animated gif's.

                          Contact Us at


          Screen Shots
          - Main screen
          - Screen colors
          - iMiser Browser
          - Import wizard
          - Search tools
          - iMiser Favorites
          - New folder 
          - Preferences

      Use Any Browser
    Use with Microsoft®
    Internet  Explorer®,
    Mozilla®  Firefox®,
® Chrome®,
®, Netscape®,
®, and the AOL®
    and many other Web

       Version 3.3 is
       compatible  with
       almost all modern
       Web browsers.

       Save the Web
     Save and organize
     Web pages,  blogs,
selected Web
     page  text,  images,
     RSS  feeds,  news-
     group  messages,
     discussion forums,
     and much more.


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