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   iMiser Research Assistant Technical Support

                 iMiser Research Assistant Technical Support       

   Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers
   to commonly asked questions.

   E-mail tech support questions to our Technical Support Staff
   at  24 hours a day,  7
   days a week,  365 days a year.

              Officially, we provide 89 days of free e-mail support for iMiser,
              although it's rumored that we've never turned down a tech
              support request yet.

   E-mail your technical and product specification questions to
   our Pre-Sales Staff at

   Call us with your Technical Support  and  Sales questions at
   212 947-7921  weekdays from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Eastern
   Standard Time.               

                If you're having problems:

  Please e-mail us iMiser.log as an attachment. It's located in the
              iMiser  folder and contains  important troubleshooting data, such
              as your version of  Windows
®  and  which programs were running
              when you were running iMiser. Include a  detailed  description of
              the problem  and  what you were doing when the problem started
              to occur.  If you were saving a Web page at the time, be sure to
              include the exact URL.  If there is a Windows error message, you
              should click  "Details"  and report to us the exact wording of the

iMiser.log contains no personal or marketing
                           information and can be viewed in Notepad.
                           Your  e-mail  address will  never  be  sold  or
                           otherwise  transferred
,  and you will  not  be
                           put on a mailing list.  We will contact you if
                           we come up with a solution to your problem.

                              Technical Support Form


          Screen Shots
          - Main screen
          - Screen colors
          - iMiser Browser
          - Import wizard
          - Search tools
          - iMiser Favorites
          - New folder 
          - Preferences

      Use Any Browser
    Use with Microsoft®
    Internet  Explorer®,
    Mozilla®  Firefox®,
® Chrome®,
®, Netscape®,
®, and the AOL®
    and many other Web

       Version 3.3 is
       compatible  with
       almost all modern
       Web browsers.

       Save the Web
     Save and organize
     Web pages,  blogs,
selected Web
     page  text,  images,
     RSS  feeds,  news-
     group  messages,
     discussion forums,
     and much more.


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