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   Download and Save  Web Content      A Professional Research Tool
  Organizing  your online experience was
  never easier !   Download, Save, Search
  Organize, and annotate  Web pages
email, imagesselected  text, and
  newsgroup messages. Save any text from
  EVERY drag-enabled program,  such as
  Microsoft®  Word®,  Outlook Express®, or
  Forte® Agent. Save local text, HTML, RTF,
and PDF files to the iMiser database
  for instant  retrieval by using our powerful
  and intuitive Search Tools
  Organize  research  projects  in  Favorites
  folders with an unlimited  level of  sub-
  folders by using a familiar Windows
interface that goes way
  beyond  Explorer  in its versatility  and in its
  functionality Add  word  processor records
  and  saved  web  pages to Favorites with
   a  single  click.  Doing  Web research is
  Fast and Easy with  iMiser Research
  Assistant, a
popular, one-of-a-kind 
   Web research program.
  Get It While You Can      iMiser Saves Most Web Pages Well
  Did you knowMOST  Web  pages and
   many Web sites will sooner or later
   completely disappear or will  completely
   change  content  without notice. 
   important  Web content with iMiser before
   it's gone foreverBook-marking important
    Web pages, while convenient,  will only sa
ve their
   respective URL's  and nothing else.
  An informal study has shown that iMiser can
  save Web pages as well as, and   often much
  better than
,  Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
  (v 8/9),  Google® Chrome®, and Mozilla®
  Firefox® (v 5.01/7.01).  The study was made
  on Windows®  XP (SP3) and 7.  To be fair,
  each  browser was made the default
  browser when under study.
 More Features and Benefits 

      iMiser Research Assistant

                                                          Version 3.3

                              Now On Sale - Save 25% !


                Finally, an Easy, Affordable Way to Permanently
Save, Search, and Organize Web Pages, Blogs, Wikis,
             RSS News, Email, Images, Videos, Newsgroup
                       Threads, and Other Internet Content

to Help You Do Automated, Cutting-Edge
              Internet and Web Research 

    The New and Improved Version 3.3 has been released


   Software Awards      
         4 Editor's Picks,   8 Five-Star awards,   2 Four-Star awards



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ensures that our files cannot be infected or otherwise
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         "An indispensable research tool ..."    

              "I can’t say enough good things about iMiser ..."
                "I was really amazed at the quality of customer service ..."


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             only a one-time cost.

          New AutoUpdate feature checks for free updates on demand



  What you get with iMiser Research Assistant  

   The Best Internet Research Software on the Web 

bulletA multi-window Web browser with a selective popup blocker that you can
keep forever. This is truly a  free Web browser.  Using  a multi-window
browser,  you can view many Web sites or saved Web pages at the same
  Each browser window can be maximized or minimized with a single
mouse-click, giving it more versatility than tabbed browsers.

bulletA Web organizer/Web research tool with more features than any program
of its kind. Easily download and save Web pages, all of the text or selected
text  from  Web pages,  images, videos, newsgroup messages, email, and
much more.  Local  and network text, doc, rtf, PDF, and many other file types
can be imported into the iMiser database.

bulletA versatile  Internet Information Manager  that can Save Web Pages from
Microsoft®  Internet Explorer®,  Mozilla® Firefox®,  Google®  Chrome®,
the Mozilla® browser, Netscape®, the Avant® browser, Opera®, and the
AOL®  and many other Web browsers.  Data can also be saved from  text-
based and web-based RSS Readersword processors, and newsgroup
readers, as well as virtually ANY drag-enabled application.

  Write to us to add any Web browser you want for free.

bulletAn easy-to-use word processor to create your own searchable rich-text
notes and documents.  You can also  modify  plain-text or rich-text data
that you have saved from the Internet and other sources.

bulletpowerful, searchable database  that is seamlessly integrated with the
built-in  iMiser Web browser, and saved Web pages and word processor

bulletLightning-Fast Search Tools that allow full-text searches or searches by
keywordUp to four separate search words or phrases can be used in a
full-text search.   Up to  three  keywords  or  keyphrases  can be used in a
keyword  search.  Whole-word  searches  can  be  performed,  as well  as
searches within a given date range, allowing FAST data retrieval.

bulletThe Easiest and Fastest Keyword Indexing in the industry. Add keywords
directly from a saved Web page or document by double-clicking the word,
avoiding the need to  type  the word and possible  spelling mistakes  and
typo's.  Add  keyphrases  by selecting the  phrase  and right-clicking it  or
dragging and dropping it to an add-keyword box.  It doesn't get any easier
than that

bulletA versatile  favorites organizer  that lets you add  saved Web pages  and
documents to iMiser Favorites with a single click.   The iMiser  favorites
organizer is easy to master since it has the familiar look and behavior of
Windows Explorer®
, with a few interesting new features added.


            What is Information at Your Fingertips worth to your business?



Add Permanence to the Web !  Most Web pages will eventually change content or completely disappear. If you don't save it now, you may never see it again.         

Now with a Multiple-Document Interface (MDI),  allowing you to open an unlimited number of documents or live browsers at the same time.  It's a Multi-Window browser with a selective popup blocker.

It's a powerful word processor with bold, italic, underline and the ability to change the font, font size, font color, add bullets, and change the alignment and margins. Imagine the power of a word processor integrated with an easy-to-use database.

The Perfect Internet Research Tool: iMiser is ideal for students and anyone who wants to collect and organize information from the Internet.  Prepare, save, and organize source materials for a term paper, essay, master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.

                        A Web Research Tool for students of ALL ages


iMiser is Fast and Easy: Saving Web pages, images, email and text is as easy as clicking a menu or as simple as drag and drop.

Save Web pages and selected links on the page with the option to exclude or include off-site links. Select which linked pages to save from a list with check boxes. Save time with features that include  "Select All"  and  "Deselect All."

It's an easy-to-use image organizer and viewer that can save images and photos from the Internet and can organize and index existing images on your hard drive. Find missing photographs fast by searching for them by keyword or by organizing them by category in iMiser Favorites folders.


Annotate and personalize your saved Web pages and documents by adding descriptive notes and comments.  This feature can be used as a temporary bibliography, a feature that will be added to iMiser in the future.

Highlight important text on saved Web pages in yellow or blue.  IMiser Research Assistant is one of the few Web research tools that allow you to mark up saved Web pages, as well as saved plain-text and rich-text documents.

Return to the source of your saved Web pages with a single click. Every Web page is documented with the source URL.  Saved text, DOC, RTF, PDF, and other file types retain their original local or network locations.

E-mail and share your saved Web pages to  friends and colleagues in three convenient formats.

It's also a Freeware Web browser with the option to block pop-ups. Save data directly with the iMiser Web browser or use your favorite browser.    

iMiser can be used as a Personal Information Manager or Personal Organizer. Save names, phone numbers, addresses, notes, and ideas

             Can't get on the Web where you're going ?  No problem: Take
             the Web with you !
iMiser can be used as an Offline Browser.



Now save Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files, as well as TXT, HTML, DOC, RTF  and many other file types. Organize and index all the text-based files on your local or network hard drives.

Create a personal Web database.  Permanently archive the facts, images, and information you find on the Internet before it's gone forever. 

  Web research software you'll use every day 

    Save, Search, Organize, and Annotate:

bulletResearch results
bulletAny project
bulletRSS news feeds
bulletNames, phone numbers, addresses
bulletBusiness info
bulletBlogs and wikis
bulletCompany and stock market data
bulletProduct info
bulletNewsgroup messages
bulletPersonal notes and information
bulletCollections of any kind
bulletText,  document, and image files on your hard drive
bulletFree Government data
bulletHealth and medical info
bulletVacation planning
bulletClass and school projects and notes
bulletPhotographs and images
bulletSale and auction data
bulletStudent's homework assignments
bulletProduct reviews
bulletOnline knowledgebase data
bulletBook reviews and movie reviews
bulletHow-to articles on any subject
bulletTech support info
bulletNews articles
bulletHistory documents
bulletElectronic courses and email courses
bulletOnline books
bulletLegal documents
bulletDiscussion group threads and messages
bulletElectronic receipts
bulletHTML samples
bulletInvestment info
bulletCode samples
bulletStock market quotes
bulletProduct cost and specification comparisons 
bulletSports news, information, and statistics
bulletWriter's and journalist's notes, source material, and documentation
bulletEzines/electronic magazines
bulletMenus for dieting
bulletFamily genealogy information
bulletand Much, Much More ...
     iMiser Research Assistant, versatile software for
    saving, organizing, and researching the Web . . .
     You won't find this anywhere else      The future of iMiser Research Assistant
You'll find many interesting and   unusual  features  as you get to   use our flagship product, iMiser, including  productivity-enhancing   tools not  found in ANY other  Web content saver.  We have   responded  to the needs of our   users and, as a result, we have   added dozens of  new features   and  automation enhancements  
   Join our many satisfied customers        The Latest Version ...
 iMiser Research Assistant      Version 3.3  will  let  you save, search,  and archive  practically  anything  you  can  find  on  the Internet, including Flash®  files, most video  and movie formats, charts,  graphs,  Java applets,
maps,  and other Web content.
Almost  every  modern  browser
and most browser-based RSS
  readers will be supported
. There   will be NO upgrade fee.  It's a
 version you won't want to miss

               iMiser Research Assistant

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          Screen Shots
          - Main screen
          - Screen colors
          - iMiser Browser
          - Import wizard
          - Search tools
          - iMiser Favorites
          - New folder 
          - Preferences

      Use Any Browser
    Use with Microsoft®
    Internet  Explorer®,
    Mozilla®  Firefox®,
® Chrome®,
®, Netscape®,
®, and the AOL®
    and many other Web

       Version 3.3 is
       compatible  with
       almost all modern
       Web browsers.

       Save the Web
     Save and organize
     Web pages,  blogs,
selected Web
     page  text,  images,
     RSS  feeds,  news-
     group  messages,
     discussion forums,
     and much more.


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