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 iMiser Testimonials
                           Unsolicited Testimonials   for
                                        iMiser Research Assistant

I can’t say enough good things about iMiser; it is going to make my life a lot easier ... I will be using iMiser mainly to download updated sections   of law from a New York legislative site ... I can't thank you enough for adding the "Delete Multiple Records" menu item and doing it so quickly. This added feature works just fine ... I did a lot of web searching before I found iMiser. It is unbelievable the amount of time I can save with your program when updating my legal database programs. I usually hate this time of year when the law updates are due, but at least now it will not be as time consuming. Thanks for a great program and for all your support.
                                                                                 Angelo DeLeon, Owner                                                                                        WDL Software, LLC 

A great program ... I found it on a Google search using the phrase "browser professional" or "web browser professional". It happened to get on the first page in first or second position. I was looking for something else... Lucky me! The program is wonderful.
                                                                                             Bob Day                                                                                           Redding, CA

I use iMiser when reading articles that I intend to quote in scientific 
papers. It is a great way to organize information before one starts 
writing. What I do is make a favorite folder for my paper topic and then make entries under that topic for each article that I intend to quote or use as a source for my paper ... I feel iMiser is a great research tool and am happy to recommend it further. I am currently working on my Masters in Education and Technology (using computers etc to teach) and must write university assignments in a scientific style ... I was really amazed at the quality of customer service provided by the people at iMiser! I would never have imagined that I could write a company with a question\suggestion and get a new update with the features I was looking for within just a few days! ...
The ability to add words to the keyword list by clicking on them in the document window is fantastic! I use it all the time. I simply import the text, double click on the keywords from the text and then later with the search function I can quickly find the relevant articles for the paper I am working on ... An indispensable research tool
                                                                            Paul Kingsbury, Owner
                                                                        Kingsbury Communications

I've only begun to explore the many features of iMiser, but I already love it. I found this program simply by searching Google for web-downloading software. I'll mainly be using it to download websites before they disappear. I'm a teacher and I want to save some of these websites in order to show the information to students.      

                                                   Dr. Patricia Srebrnick, Associate Professor                                                                      University of Calgary  

iMiser is an easy and delightful way to save and organize anything. I've used it to save web pages, doc & text files, image files and emails. It's uses are obviously endless, and having many interests, I'm sure I'll find many uses for it.

                                                         Reviewed By: Maggie on      

I like iMiser. Its a lot better then other programs like this. The closest one that I've seen to iMiser is a program called surfsaver, but their program isn't quite as reliable. I've noticed that surfsaver works well on IE4 but once you move to IE6 it breaks down ... By the way *kudos* about giving the option to print just the text and not the pictures in iMiser - yes I'm a Miser to hate wasting ink on needless graphics. 
                                                        Josh K., Systems Engineer/Programmer                                                                           Spartanburg, SC 

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